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Bring a runner in itself is full of up and downs through training blocks, tons of miles, shoes and food. Repetition each week cycling between speed work, easy days tempo runs and weekends filled with stroller runs, hard tempos and long runs. Running through the coldest, wettest days of winter, and the hottest most humid days of summer. Now mix in a married running couple training along with two kids in the house, and jobs, you have a recipe that requires so much focus and so much support for each other. 2018 is the year of the run for the Colemans. So far for this year we’ve collectively run over 3000 miles, over 460 hours, have climbed over 153k feet and have nabbed countless PRs. We’ve had some rough days, crappy races, amazing highs, and days where the Strava segment trophies seem to come easy.

Melody has been working toward her long term goal to Boston Qualify and has been kicking ass. After giving birth for the second time last year, she has made it a point to reclaim her body and fitness. She got acclaimed Trisha Steidl as her coach, and we’ve really figured out a rhythm to both be able to get training in. As for myself, I knew I wanted to take my running to the next level this year, after taking a year off post- Ironman CdA, gaining larger pant size and lethargy. The first of the year was going great with various races, however, after a particularly crushing day at the BMO Vancouver Marathon in May, I had a choice to make. I could either throw in the towel, or throw down the gauntlet and dig in even more as training progressed further into summer. I switched to an advanced Hansons plan after reading the Hanson’s Marathon Method, and as I saw myself hitting my prescribed paces in training in the heat, I could foresee a BQ time being possible… maybe.

Melody was training hard for the Trials Legacy Marathon, and me being in post-marathon recovery mode, decided to go out for some fun runs, taking it easy for a bit. Melody’s 1st marathon of the year came at TLM and it ended up being unreasonably hot on a not so flat course. She came away with a mirrored experience to my marathon in Vancouver, about 11 mins short of goal, damn. We both continued training, and as she set her sights on Cascade Express marathon at the end of September, I was looking for a chance to redeem myself with a 2nd marathon.

So we made a crazy plan: The Cascade Express marathon, let’s both run and both try for that BQ. It’s been a banner year of training for us with plenty of races sprinkled in, and really, our bodies have adapted so well, especially Melody who on top of training is feeding our baby and constantly giving her life force away. So for all intents and purposes, this plan looked like it was going to work. But unfortunately 1.5 weeks before our race I got a text from Melody while she was at the track. “Something is wrong with my hamstring. Can’t run. Hurts to walk. I’m limping.” A freak injury, shit, shit shit. This wasn’t the plan, and completely unfair. We’ve been so focused on making things happen, we didn’t talk about what to do if the plan didn’t work.


She immediately started seeing our invaluable sports chiros to start ART and Graston, and  started a low impact active recovery regimen as directed by her coach. I went ahead as planned and raced Cascade Express with Melody out there supporting. I ended up having my best race to date and pulled away with a 2:57:22 (Race report coming soon), much better than I had even planned and BQ for the new 2020 times. So now, as we continue on into the fall, and assess our situation, we’re focused on getting Melody healed, and getting her qualified. The one thing I know is that we need to focus on the positives however few there may be. Luckily, Melody has a year to qualify, and that allows plenty of time to heal and ramp back up training. I have no doubt in my mind that she is capable of destroying her BQ time, especially after seeing how fast I was able go since we’ve been neck and neck with training this year. I’m so grateful to be doing life with Melody. When life comes at you fast, you have to adapt and attack, and one of many things I’m proud of in our marriage is how we’ve been able to roll with the punches that life brings. So guess what life, we may be experiencing a set back, but we’re rolling with it and coming for you. As for Boston, we’ll both see you in 2020. 💪


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